Digital Stories

The Carpetbag Theatre (CBT) uses the Digital Storytelling process to reveal hidden stories and to build community. The term “Digital Storytelling” describes a wide variety of new media production practices. What best describes this creative approach to storytelling is its emphasis on personal voice and facilitative teaching methods. Digital Storytelling as an art form makes use of text, image, and audiovisual components bringing images to life using the power of digital media design applications. The convergence of these cultural and technological tools creates a powerful medium for presenting a story. Giving voice is the heart of CBT’s mission.

Veterans' Voices


Tribute Stories 


Life Long Learning


Cultural Heritage

You can view the Knoxville African American Tours of Cultural Heritage stories by clicking here. This project was a collaboration between the Carpetbag Theatre, the Beck Cultural Exchange Center, the University of Tennessee and the City of Knoxville.


Youth Voices