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Ce Nitram Sacul


"Where do I go when there's no one to turn to,
Feel all alone wondering why I am?
Where do I go when I need familiar?
Woman hold my hand.
Woman hold me hand."

About Ce Nitram Sacul
The Carpetbag Theatre, Inc. presents, “Ce Nitram Sacul”, a play about a woman in crisis. Disturbed by the violence and insensitivity around her, she turns to her “Womantor”, her ancestral touchstone of advice. The unusual circumstance is that her Womantor has been dead for more than twelve years.

The play is a modern theater ritual rich in music and language. It is both a celebration and a call to action. This play is a contemporary “Praise Poem” to the women who mentor us and is grounded in the idea that “the greatest tribute is action carried forth”.

About the Carpetbag Theatre, Inc.
The Carpetbag Theatre, Inc. was founded in 1969 and chartered in 1970. We are a Knoxville-based professional, multi-generational ensemble company dedicated to the production of new works. We work in partnership with community artists, activists, cultural workers, storytellers, and leaders to create original, theatrical works. Our mission is to give artistic voice to the issues and dreams of people who have been silenced by racism, classism, sexism, ageism, homophobia and other forms of oppression. 

Our artistic vision is rooted in the practice of revealing, reframing, and reclaiming the hidden stories of our communities. We begin by listening deeply to the each other's narrative. We believe that this process is what reveals the beauty of our collective experiences. Listening to each other deeply creates space for us each to embrace the hardest parts of our stories while leaning into the freedom of healing in spite of them. We believe that this process also has the power to reframe our experiences and provide the kinds of healing it takes to release us from strongholds that have held us hostage over time.