The Carpetbag Theatre

  The Carpetbag Theatre Inc. Presents: Cultural Odyssey's                         Fully Awake & Facing Seventy: Heaven: Heaven Betta Bea Honky Tonk! May 19 and 21 at the Beck Cultural Exchange Center

FULLY AWAKE & FACING SEVENTY: HEAVEN BETTA BEA HONKY TONK! is written and performed by RHODESSA JONES with musical direction and performance by IDRIS ACKAMOOR.  It is an evening of cabaret with live music celebrating Rhodessa Jones becoming an official senior citizen. FULLY AWAKE poses the question, “Can the artist look back at her life as a way of ‘seeing’ into the future?” It is also a treatise on the Baby Boom Generation confronting their last years with panache, style, humor and yoga! Rhodessa confronts the issue of aging “full on” with insight, a sense of progressive politics, banter, pathos, empathy and sharp-edged humor addressing the issue of growing old with dignity and security. FULLY AWAKE is for audiences of all ages since in one-way or another since “we are all FACING SEVENTY!”  FULLY AWAKE completes a trio of full-length solo autobiographical works of Ms. Jones’ almost half-century career as a professional artist and community activist. 

Performances are May 19 and 21 at 7:30 pm  at The Beck Cultural Exchange Center. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased by visiting .