Six Program Areas

  • The Institute of the Whole Child - provides services to at-risk youth and adult learners through the Theater Renaissance for Youth (TRY) and the Institute for Adult and Life-Long Learners.
  • Creation Program - provides support for the CBT Ensemble in the development of new works based on significant community stories.
  • Booking and Touring - provides support to the regional, national, and international tours of original CBT works.
  • Culturally-Driven Economic Development - provides support for all contract services, workshops and residencies, as well as other business ventures.
  • Woman-Toring - provides services specifically geared towards disenfranchised women facing challenges such as substance abuse, incarceration, and domestic violence.
  • Festival and Events Program - provides an opportunity for aspiring artists and professional artists to present, collaborate and share knowledge in a community-based arts festival setting.